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Carroll 2030 Purpose Statement

Purpose statement document (PDF)

Presentations to Carroll County Board of Commissioners

PowerPoint presentation - 03.2014

PowerPoint presentation - 12.2014

Initial Findings Report - PDF

Committee Welcome

Letter to participants (PDF)

Meeting documents

January 18, 2013

Meeting Notes (PDF)

Cluster Groups (PDF)

Timeline (PDF)

SWOT Analysis (PDF)

SWOT Results (PDF)

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Ideal Carroll County in 2030 (PDF)

April 19, 2013


Agriculture cluster presentation (PDF)

Art, Culture and Recreation cluster presentation (PDF)

Business cluster presentation (PDF)

Education cluster presentation (PDF)

Environment cluster presentation (PDF)

Health and Well-Being cluster presentation (PDF)

Infrastructure and Transportation cluster presentation (PDF)

Municipalities cluster presentation (PDF)

Public Safety cluster presentation

Group Priorities from Ranking Exercise (PDF)

September 20, 2013

2030 draft document (PDF)

Timeline draft document (PDF)

Community Success in a New Economy with Dave Ivan (PDF)

February 28, 2014

Next steps for each cluster (SWOT Info) (PDF)

Carroll Hospital Center letter (PDF)

Presentation Support

Cluster Presentation Template (PDF)

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Carroll County Demographic Data

Newspaper articles regarding the 2030 Task Force (PDF)

CCPL 2030 (PDF)

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Survey (PDF)

The Carroll County Story (Video)

Smarter, More Competitive Cities (PDF) - Supporting web site

Carroll's Vision for the Future - December 1994 (PDF)